SpeakingPhotoâ„¢ Photo App Lets You Add Sound to Photos and Create Stories to Share on Facebook, YouTube and Email

Announcing the broad availability of SpeakingPhoto, an iPhone and iPad Photo App that allows you to record a message over a photo adding meaning and an insta-dimension to sharing on Facebook, YouTube and email.

MD Design LLC announces the broad release of SpeakingPhoto, an iOS 6.0 compatible mobile photo app that gives users the power to enhance and personalize their pictures by instantly annotating photos with a voice-over. Speaking photos can immediately be shared to Facebook, YouTube, or via email.

These photo messages are a way to connect real-time with any audience: friends, family, community, colleagues and clients. SpeakingPhoto combines the ease of taking a photo rather than shooting video with the emphasis placed on the quality of a voice or sound. It’s an excellent way to archive in your own voice the memories, notes and stories behind all of your life events.

For professionals, the App is a productivity tool for quickly and easily creating inventories of visual data with voiceover. Professionals in real estate, insurance, sales, and construction love how SpeakingPhoto can accomplish a task in minutes, by reducing the typing required when on a mobile device. Quick share features within the App enable prompt, photo enhanced communication to clients and colleagues.

“SpeakingPhoto grew out of a desire to capture the sweet and fleeting sound of children’s voices – something home videos tend to diminish,” explains Founding Partner and CEO, Dawn Davis. “From there, we realized that capturing stories, and the emotions behind them, was extremely meaningful. It quickly became apparent that this App can be used in many creative, fun and compelling ways, by people all over the world.”

SpeakingPhoto is available in the iTunes App Store in three versions: 

    SpeakingPhoto Lite – An introductory FREE version of the App that allows anyone to enjoy and benefit from the basic SHOOT, SPEAK and SHARE features. Once hooked users can upgrade to one of the premium versions to enjoy added features.
    SpeakingPhoto for iPhone – For $0.99, users are able to take photos and add their personal recording. Additional features included are; “Speaking” on all existing photos archived on a camera roll, as well as the ability to tell a more complete story by combining up to five speaking photos in a slide show.
    SpeakingPhoto for iPad – For $2.99, users have the full SpeakingPhoto experience, designed and scaled for iPad… delivering the ultimate SpeakingPhoto curation experience.

The History of SpeakingPhoto

SpeakingPhoto is a collaboration by two San Francisco Bay Area business veterans, social advocates and moms, Dawn Davis and Diana Iles Parker. The concept came to Davis as she watched a team of volunteer Dads, including her husband, create an art installation on behalf of their children’s kindergarten art auction. The interactive piece combined photography, sound, museum quality framing and thirty amazing children to create a one-of-a-kind art exhibit for the school’s annual fundraiser. It was the emotional response from parents and grandparents that prompted the development of SpeakingPhoto so every family could capture important life moments not just with pictures but also with the added emotion heard in narration.

Parker joined SpeakingPhoto as Partner and CMO to aid in elevating SpeakingPhoto’s message to important social issues. Both Davis and Parker share the strong belief in the power of voice and bringing voice to precious memories and causes alike. For more background on Davis and Parker, please visit http://speakingphoto.com/about/.

SpeakingPhoto announced the first version of the App in early 2011 and has continued to release updates based on user feedback with the goal of elevating the experience and ensuring the ease of use in capturing memories. The next major update is slated for summer 2013 and will include additional integrated sharing, higher quality output, and more.

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Contact us at info(at)speakingphoto(dot)com.

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