SpeakingPhoto is the big idea with a genesis of little voices. New App for iPhone and iPad harnesses the storyteller in everyone.

MILL VALLEY, California—December 14, 2011—Speakingphoto.com today gave a first glimpse of SpeakingPhoto, a mobile application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS 5.0 compatible App allows users to take photos, record audio, then share photos with family and friends through Facebook , YouTube or via email. SpeakingPhoto also enables the addition of sound to all existing photo libraries.

“It all began with the creation of an auction donation to raise money for our son’s school,” remarked Dawn Davis, founder of SpeakingPhoto.

In 2004, Davis watched proudly as her husband and a group of dads created an interactive art piece for their son’s kindergarten class. The piece combined photography, sound technology, museum quality framing and 30 very excited children participating to create a one of a kind art exhibit to be auctioned at the school’s annual fundraiser.

The children’s photographs were energetic, captured while jumping on a trampoline.Their positions, hair and faces were crazy because of all of the motion, and frozen in suspended animation. When the sound of their voices and laughter were added, it changed everything… capturing the essence of their joy and their perspective on life in that very moment. They were asked questions about school, friends, family and life as a kindergartener and the stories they told were priceless.
“The parent community had such an emotional response to the resulting art piece that right away I knew there had to be a way for more people to enjoy these “speaking photos”, ” reflected Davis.

Now with SpeakingPhoto everyone can tell stories, record notes, and capture memories. There are endless uses for business too; contractors, realtors, inspectors, designers, stylists…the list goes on and on when you start to think about professions that can use photos along with audio to enhance the way they do business.

At the beginning of 2011, SpeakingPhoto.com was created and development of the application began.

Read more and see samples of speaking photos at http://www.speakingphoto.com

Download it from the iTunes store or on your mobile device at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speakingphoto/id485844944

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