SpeakingPhoto brings photos to life with the release of new mobile App for iPhone and iPad.

MILL VALLEY, California—January 1, 2012

Speakingphoto.com today announced the release of SpeakingPhoto, a mobile application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iOS 5.0 compatible App allows users to take photos, record audio, then share photos with family and friends through Facebook , YouTube or via email. SpeakingPhoto also enables the addition of sound to all existing photo libraries.

“Say more than cheese!”…SpeakingPhoto’s slogan sums up the company mission. “We want our users to create more powerful memories by adding texture to photos. Telling their stories, adding their voices and sharing their emotions brings their photos to life!“ shares Dawn Davis, founder of SpeakingPhoto. “It’s also compelling to try something easy to use and enjoy the experience of creating.”

SpeakingPhoto is appealing to parents, grandparents, family historians, social networkers, hobbyists and anyone who takes and shares photos. By adding a story to a photo, users are ensured that the meaning or memory captured by the photo can be shared for generations. Davis adds, “I have boxes and boxes of old photos that have been passed down to me. It breaks my heart that the stories are locked in the photos and those who could tell the stories are now gone.” See samples of speaking photos at http://www.speakingphoto.com

In the first few weeks, SpeakingPhoto has seen downloads from over a dozen countries around the world. “The Apple developer program has allowed us to create a simple and fun experience that anyone can use, and the reach of the App Store makes it available to customers in 130 countries worldwide. We could never have that reach through traditional channels,” says Davis. Download it from the iTunes store or on your mobile device at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speakingphoto/id485844944

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