Sorcher Films Builds on Narrative Expertise to Create an Emotional Payoff

June 17, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – This week, award-winning commercial producer, Sorcher Films, releases a series of branded videos for emerging tech company SpeakingPhoto.

SpeakingPhoto is a new social sharing app broadly available on Android and iOS focused on setting itself apart from youth-based social sharing apps by offering a way for consumers and businesses to document, keep and share important stories with their communities and customers.

Sorcher Films was tasked with the challenge of conveying stories with a very real emotional payoff. Director Peter Sorcher worked directly with Speaking Photo to create this interwoven, multi-character narrative to drive home an emotional connection to SpeakingPhoto.

“People see spots for apps with people engaged with screens and just tune out, so I wanted to create something that really makes the viewer take an active role to figure out who these characters are and what they are doing with SpeakingPhoto,” states Sorcher.

By taking a feature film approach, Sorcher created back-stories for all of the characters – yet knowing in order to be succinct, much of what was shot would not make the final edit. Sorcher also knew it would be challenging but felt strongly about taking some risks.

“Sorcher Films has perfectly captured the very heart of what we are as a company and as a product,” says SpeakingPhoto CMO Diana Iles Parker. “It has been amazing to hear how many people are deeply touched by the campaign and immediately understand how using SpeakingPhoto can easily capture important personal stories.” 


Client: SpeakingPhoto®

Production and Post Production Company: Sorcher Films

Writer + Director: Peter Sorcher

Director of Photography: Rick Ewald

Editor: Peter Sorcher

Asst. Editor: Tyler Clinton

Music House:  Volume Music + Sound

Music Producer:  David Della Santa

Composer:  Marshall Watson

About SpeakingPhoto

SpeakingPhoto is a software company and collaboration between Dawn Davis and Diana Iles Parker, two San Francisco Bay Area moms, business veterans, and social advocates.

The concept of SpeakingPhoto originated from a project created for a school fundraiser, which showcased kindergarten artwork combined with voice-overs of children expressing their work.  The emotional response from parents and their reaction to being able to capture moments and turn them into real stories prompted the development of SpeakingPhoto. 

About Sorcher Films

Sorcher Films is a production and post-production company specializing in cinematic documentary.  Sorcher Films creates content of all sizes for all forms of media, engaging viewers visually and emotionally.

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