Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience for our customers. We update the questions we get asked most often below. If you have additional questions, send them to us at and we will add them to the list.

What can I do on my desktop with SpeakingPhotos?

SpeakingPhoto is now a full featured mobile and web application.  Sign in at with the same credentials you use on the mobile apps and view all your content in any web browser.  Every user now has a free personal gallery and private web url to access your content. Premium and Pro galleries are an affordable way to communicate effectively across your entire organization, big or small. 

We use the .mp4 file format, which allows SpeakingPhotos to load in most Apple OSX programs including iPhone, iMovie and Quicktime. This format also allows easy viewing, sharing and collaborating, although decreased quality has been reported on Androi. We are compatible with Windows Phones, as well as compatible Windows-based desktop applications.

From a desktop or mobile browser, go to the and login to your account. 

What languages are supported?

Currently SpeakingPhoto is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese. We are working on making it available in other languages. Let us know what language we should add next at!

Why are SpeakingPhotos better than videos?

SpeakingPhotos take up less memory on your mobile device than video...much less. But the most important reason (unless you are a professional videographer) is that SPOTs are much easier to create, edit and share. Instead of creating shaky, hard to watch video, just Shoot, Speak and Share! No editing, cropping or trying to match sound, it all just works! SPOTs put the focus on your story, not the poor quality of your video content. Say goodbye to "throw away" content!

Does it cost money to send SpeakingPhotos?

No more than your existing data plan. Since SpeakingPhotos are compressed, they take up less space than video. Sending SpeakingPhotos is easy over WiFi. Send them using text messages, too!

How do I add sound to my existing photos?

It's simple to make any photo a SpeakingPhoto! Tap the Speak icon from the dashboard to select any photo from your mobile device, external media or cloud-based photo site like Apple iCloud Photos, Flickr or Picassa. Select Start Recording to add your own voice to tell the story behind the photo.

Basically, if a photo is accessible on your mobile device, you can add your own voice and turn it into a SpeakingPhoto. You may get a message asking for access to your Camera, Photo Library, Microphone, Location, Notifications, etc. You should agree to all of these requests in order for the App to function properly. View the SpeakingPhoto tutorials to see how!

Are my SpeakingPhotos backed up?

All the SpeakingPhotos you create reside on your mobile device, and all your content is backed up to the SpeakingPhoto cloud per the default setting in App Settings. If you are backing up your iPhone using iCloud or iTunes, your SpeakingPhotos should also back up, as well. If you are using a Mac computer, you can import your SpeakingPhotos into iPhoto, giving you additional security to keep your SpeakingPhotos backed up.

How can I report a problem or suggest an improvement?

If you have a problem, please let us know! We pride ourselves on customer service and will respond immediately. We are always working to improve SpeakingPhoto. To do that, we need your feedback. Go to the support section at or contact us at

Do I need to register to use SpeakingPhoto?

We now support Sign In with Apple ID. And Yes, using SpeakingPhoto requires you to create an account and agree to our Terms of Use. Signing up using your email, we have now made it as easy as possible, simply by entering a valid email address and choosing a password. After creating an account, confirm your account through the email address you provided and you are ready to go!  In addition to offering greater security and reliability, we can now give you specific help, better overall support, and updates of tutorial content at   We think we have created a great registration experience, let us know if you agree! 


What happens to the information that is collected?

We take your privacy seriously and have a policy that protects you. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here or on the Support pages at  Our po;icies were last updated in May of 2021.

What mobile operating system is required for SpeakingPhoto?

We encourage users to take the latest updates from Apple as they become available. Of course, you should also update SpeakingPhoto whenever you see an available update! We regularly release new versions, both to fix issues and enhance the experience.

Our App is built with the latest development toolkits from Apple. To meet our own high quality standards, we now support iOS 14.  Due to instability, we no longer support iOS 9 or below. 

Will SpeakingPhoto work on my iPad?

Yes! With SpeakingPhoto 6.0 and later, we have now re-released our free iPhone App to provide a great iPad experience, even on iPad mini. SpeakingPhoto HD will no longer be supported and is free as well until we remove it from the Apple Store.

Pleae Note: We do require a camera for a great experience, so the original iPad is no longer supported.


When will SpeakingPhoto be available for Android?

We have discontinued SpeakingPhoto for Android. due to the difficulty of supporting hundreds of different evolving hardware platforms on Android. 

We are now focused on providing a great experience on iPhone. 


Do I need the App to view a SpeakingPhoto?

No. Most computers, tablets and mobile phones will be able to view a SpeakingPhoto with no additional software. With the newest version, SpeakingPhotos can be shared across Apple, Android and Windows Phone users. Update to the latest version today!

I am having trouble authorizing or sharing to Facebook?

We have noticed some users are experiencing problems when trying to sign in or share to Facebook. For most users, just accepting the request for SpeakingPhoto to be able to post on your behalf (when registering with SpeakingPhoto for the first time) will enable everything to work properly. You can also go to Settings>Privacy>Facebook and toggle SpeakingPhoto on and off. This will reset the permissions and should resolve most issues.

Most social sites including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have implemented a new security option called two-step verification. If this is turned on, you must go into settings on those applications from your desktop browser and enable SpeakingPhoto as an approved App. For security reasons, often the options for two-step verification are not available on the mobile App, only from a desktop browser.

If you still have trouble, contact us at Support. You should only need to authorize Facebook, Twitter or Gmail once. Even if you sign out, you will still be able to sign in later without re-authorizing SpeakingPhoto.

How are SpeakingPhotos different than Snapchat or Instagram?

Unlike the hundreds of throwaway pictures (and videos) on your mobile phone, SpeakingPhotos are meant to be kept for years because they have more meaning to you. Those applications are specifically meant to share, then have the memories go away. SpeakingPhoto is different. Your SPOTs get more valuable over time, not less.

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