Welcome to “SPOTLIGHT” the blog for SpeakingPhoto!

Hear how people from around the world are using SPOTs (short for SpeakingPhotos) to capture meaningful stories and share them with their communities, friends, families and the world. 

SpeakingPhoto 3.2 launched today with two additional sharing options – Text and Twitter along with a streamlined user interface and enhanced dynamic Gallery. We’ve also made the decision to release our latest iOS7 ready app for FREE. It’s available now on the Apple App Store

SpeakingPhoto solves a consistent problem of how to create a meaningful and useful experience out of the millions of photos taken every day, while evolving popular communication habits to enhance and personalize engagement between individuals, organizations and cultures. 

Combining visual content with the powerful component of the story or message that relates to it, changes user generated content into a powerful communication tool like no other. SpeakingPhoto accomplishes this and provides easy solutions to share and showcase this new media.

We look forward to sharing community SPOTs with you as we continue to evolve and grow. 

Wishing you a safe holiday season! Don’t forget to capture your loved one’s voices over family photos. 

Dawn and Diana

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