Update to SpeakingPhoto Tweets

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We're always looking to improve SpeakingPhoto as we know more and more of you are using our app as a quick way to send photos with vocal notes to clients and colleagues. We also know there are quite a few industries like Real Estate and Event Organizers who use twitter to promote their businesses. Now when you tweet from your iPhone, your tweet will automatically be accompanied by a big, beautiful photo helping you drive interest and engagement. 

And while we're busy getting ready for our next big announcement, we want to make sure you know two key tips to using SpeakingPhoto. 

  • Send up to 8 SPOTs as a slideshow. Simply select the SPOTs in play order (de-select to re-order) and SHARE via email, text, FB, Twitter and many other social sites. 

  • Make SpeakingPhotos with any photo on your phone. Simply start with SPEAK to choose your photo. 

With thousands of SPOTS being created daily, we look forward to hearing from you with tips, advice and fun spots! 

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