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How to share video big

Now thru Monday, June 8th, you can get a PREMIUM Gallery for FREE. Just use the comp code, GetPREMIUM4free, at checkout. And be sure to mark it "Annually"! Wouldn't want you to miss out! 

With a premium Gallery, communicate what matters most and collaborate securely within your project or event Gallery. Perfect for small businesses, consultants, designers -- anyone working from the field and taking lots of photos to share with colleagues and clients. ‚Äč

Now you can communicate with ease by sharing your voice-narrated photos as a single "SPOT" or slideshow to your unique Gallery to showcase ideas, detail a project or capture an event. It's easy. 

- Sign up for a SpeakingPhoto PREMIUM Gallery. Please use email and a password. This will allow us to link the Gallery to the App on your mobile device. You will name your Gallery as you sign up but can always change it later. 

- Download the FREE SpeakingPhoto App for your iPhone or Android device. Sign in with the same email credentials used when signing up on the web. 

- Look at the Galleries tab in the lower right hand corner of the HOME screen. You will see My Gallery and your PREMIUM Gallery name listed. 

- Begin creating SPOTs with the mobile App. This is how you author SpeakingPhotos. Simply SHOOT a photo. Or SPEAK over a photo in your camera roll. Add up to 30 seconds of voice narration to detail your ideas, directions or questions. SAVE and SHARE to Gallery.

- Once you tap on Gallery under Share, you'll tap the field next to Gallery and a list of all of your SpeakingPhoto Galleries will appear. 

- Simply select the Gallery, add a Title, Tags and Hashtags (if you plan to share on your social sites). Next Post. 

- Your SPOT will instantly (ok, it may take a few seconds) appear in your Gallery feed which can be viewed via the website or via Galleries on your mobile device. 

- Fill up your Gallery with the many fun, amazing ideas you have -- don't forget to slip in some just for fun! 

- Now you're ready to invite others to listen to your SPOTs within the Gallery. Watch the video above to learn how to invite others to view. They don't even have to have the App. 

Sharing photos from the field is a snap with SpeakingPhoto! 

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