Introducing The Speaking Photo Blog

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Welcome to the brand new SpeakingPhoto Blog – our spot to share everything we want you to know about the power and purpose behind this amazing little app.

SpeakingPhoto is all about a moment, a story, and a memory… just like life, if you really stop and think about it.  We love how SpeakingPhoto captures glimpses of the people and places we care about with a beautiful image and clear sound.

As moms, wives, business partners and women, we see endless ways for SpeakingPhoto to enhance our lives and relationships.  You may be surprised by how much we’ve already incorporated SpeakingPhoto into our day-to-day interactions with people, places and events.  And, we’d love to see how you are using SpeakingPhoto, too.

So, this blog is about a lot more than just a photo app.  It’s about our lives, your life and finding innovative ways to tell our stories – together.

What’s so valuable about storytelling?  It gives people a voice.  It empowers you share your point of view in your own words, and to reach out to others in a way that might cause them to really listen.  Lots of amazing things have been accomplished with the simple art of storytelling and we look forward to sharing with you about some of our favorites.

And, what’s so crucial about combining a photo with a spoken story, literally coming from your very own voice?  It’s all about emotion.  How often do you stop to look at that photo of your honeymoon hanging in your hallway or of the picture of your baby’s first smile?  Just the image itself evokes a real, meaningful emotion.

Now, imagine adding your husband’s voice the way it sounded on the day he married you.  The tenderness with which he spoke, the love in his tone. Then, imagine your own voice and your baby’s soft coos recorded along with that precious smile.  Adding the sound adds to the emotion.  And, adding to the emotion completes the memory.

At SpeakingPhoto, it all started with the desire to create a memory, not a mobile utility app.  That’s what we love most about our story.  Four dads from Marin County worked together to create a digital photo album that combined photo and sound for their children’s kindergarten class auction.  The results?  Parents flocked to see their child’s image and hear their voice.  And, the bidding went nuts.

When parents heard their child speak about their best friend, a pet or something meaningful in their lives, the emotion was overwhelming. When Apple introduced iOS, we knew we wanted to re-create that experience on phones and tablets.

Shortly thereafter, MD Design was formed to explore our passion for creating meaningful, mobile experiences that can be created and shared by anyone.  Today, that technology (and the story behind it) has become SpeakingPhoto.

Read more about our origins on our About page here.

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