5 Tools Everyone In Social Media Should Be Using

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As a busy entrepreneur, I count on easy-to-implement, commonsensical tools that make creating social content faster, easier, and more efficient.  Here are my top “go-to” apps.

Buffer – I love this no-nonsense approach to scheduling social media posts on all of my social sites. Buffer has a beautiful integration with Facebook and Twitter that lets me even schedule RTs so I don't suddenly flood the Twitter stream with posts – an all too common practice everyone should avoid.

PlaceIt – Showcase your new app/website in a real-life scenario by uploading your screenshots. It's perfect for creating high-quality product mockups using a large selection of stock product shots.  They've recently added videos with realistic hand movements, making professional-looking product demos a cinch.

Canva – Visual communications grab attention in the social world, and what better way to add text to an image when Photoshop is out of reach. We often use Canva to create product "placards" to share with our social sites. Canva is also an effective way to end-cap a SpeakingPhoto slideshow with contact information.

iStock – We've never had to learn the hard way, but we've heard the stories. Royalty-free images are a nice idea in theory, but it's best to play it safe and pay up for a licensing fee. iStock is a Getty Image company, so it's legit, affordable, and easy to use. I highly recommend it!

SpeakingPhoto – Of course, I love SpeakingPhoto for turning my photos into stories by adding voice narration and sharing as a slideshow. I love a video, but this is an excellent alternative because anyone can generate SPOTs in minutes, saving time and money.


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