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Now thru Monday, June 8th, you can get a PREMIUM Gallery for FREE. We've got 25 queued up! Just use the comp code, GetPREMIUM4free, at checkout. And be sure to mark it "Annually"! Wouldn't want you to miss out! 

With a premium Gallery, communicate what matters most and collaborate securely within your project or event Gallery. Perfect for small businesses, consultants, designers -- anyone working from the field and taking lots of photos to share with colleagues and clients. 


SpeakingPhoto debuts web-based Galleries

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Introducing SpeakingPhoto Galleries, a full-featured collaboration solution for web and mobile that lets you "turn your pictures into stories". With Galleries, your stories mean business!

Update to SpeakingPhoto Tweets

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We're always looking to improve SpeakingPhoto as we know more and more of you are using our app as a quick way to send photos with vocal notes to clients and colleagues. We also know there are quite a few industries like Real Estate and Event Organizers who use twitter to promote their businesses. Now when you tweet from your iPhone, your tweet will automatically be accompanied by a big, beautiful photo helping you drive interest and engagement. 

And while we're busy getting ready for our next big announcement, we want to make sure you know two key tips to using SpeakingPhoto. 

Turn Your Travel Photos Into Stories with SpeakingPhoto

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You're on vacation and you experience something incredible (a breathtaking sunset, delicious meal...) that sparks something inside you. That spark will likely be long forgotten by the time you're back home, why not have the people you love experience it in real time?

SHOOT a photo of that incredible moment.
SPEAK about what you're seeing and how you're feeling.
SHARE with family and friends via text and email. 

Capture the whole experience, especially the spark.

SpeakingPhoto joins with the Northern California Emmy's!

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The 43rd Annual Emmy Awards are around the corner and SpeakingPhoto is honored to be a part of this year’s special event!  As the official social gallery for the Northern California Emmy’s, we will capture some very special moments as recipients walk off stage after receiving their award.  Each recipient will be photographed and interviewed backstage and their SpeakingPhoto will be instantly uploaded to the SpeakingPhoto Gallery on the official Emmy Web Site. 

The Stories That Bind Us

We recently happened upon a wonderful article in the New York Time’s “This Life” column by Bruce Feiler calledThe Stories That Bind Us. Mr. Feiler is the author of “The Secrets of Happy Families: How to Improve Your Morning, Rethink Family Dinner, Fight Smart, Go Out and Play, and Much More” and this fascinating article is full of wisdom, especially at a time when many of us are grappling with how to manage our lives in a way that strengthens our family connections. 

Welcome to “SPOTLIGHT” the blog for SpeakingPhoto!

Hear how people from around the world are using SPOTs (short for SpeakingPhotos) to capture meaningful stories and share them with their communities, friends, families and the world. 

SpeakingPhoto 3.2 launched today with two additional sharing options – Text and Twitter along with a streamlined user interface and enhanced dynamic Gallery. We’ve also made the decision to release our latest iOS7 ready app for FREE. It’s available now on the Apple App Store

Introducing The Speaking Photo Blog

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Welcome to the brand new SpeakingPhoto Blog – our spot to share everything we want you to know about the power and purpose behind this amazing little app.

SpeakingPhoto is all about a moment, a story, and a memory… just like life, if you really stop and think about it.  We love how SpeakingPhoto captures glimpses of the people and places we care about with a beautiful image and clear sound.

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