Use your voice to create and share narrated photos for an unexpectedly powerful way to get your point across.

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Personalized Client Communication

“Our CB Select agents are experts on the properties and communities they represent. With SpeakingPhoto they now share their knowledge in an easy, personalized, and engaging way.” Jenny Lopiccolo, Director of Agent Development

    Engaging content. 
Without the production.

    SpeakingPhotos are easy to create, edit, and share from anywhere. Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or on location, you can record ideas, access galleries, and share content with your team in a matter of seconds. How to Create a SpeakingPhoto >

    Static images become dynamic visual voice memos.

    By introducing voiceover to a static image, you can communicate in a whole new way, preserving the nuances of your message like never before. The power of the human voice -- coupled with focused visuals -- enhances the clarity and quality of what you’re trying to say. Get the app >
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    Captivate audiences with just the right amount of information.

    SpeakingPhotos are clear, concise, and to the point. Communication becomes more efficient, which means you’ll spend less time filling in the blanks -- and more time on what matters. Watch the video >
    “With SpeakingPhoto, I’m able to capture my ideas right then and there, and don’t have to worry about important details getting lost in the shuffle. I’m constantly referring back to the field notes I took using SpeakingPhoto and sharing relevant galleries with my colleagues.”
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